Sunday, 11 November 2012

CAG ......

Government is considering a proposal to make Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) into a multi-member body is it going to dilute the Authority of CAG or strengthen the institution...... both way is correct but its depends on the intention and right now intention for multi mem body is not correct..........

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Changing politics of Indian democracy

Hi friends a lot of things are changing worldwide in global politics but there is fundamental change in the politics of two world largest democracy esp. in INDIA and USA. The USA election is in Nov whereas in India it can be any time’ it may happen on the issue of CBI charge sheeting somebody or some regional party can envisage benefit or get collaborated for mutual benefit irrespective of so called Ideology except secular and saffron ideology. In USA fight is going on the issue of Middle class vs. Upper class but I ll not go into that.I will be focusing here in Indian politics in particularly on new development.

We have a few questions in today’s political environment

(i)                Will Arvind Kejriwal and his IAC will sustain In Politics?
(ii)               Have they got the resources to fight the election where lots of money and muscle power and other resources are used just before election night?
(iii)             Have they got some vision and mission for nation?
(iv)              Have they got some clear thought about complex issue of contemporary Indian democracy like Secularism, reservation, FDI, economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy, poverty, unemployment, Naxalism J&K issue social legislation and policy and many more issues related to rural and urban development etc?
(v)                Will they able to develop the grass root level strong org like other mainstream parties?
(vi)              Will there internal democracy be maintained if so how?
(vii)            What will be the second line of leadership after Arvind,Prashant, Manish,and Vishwas,?
(viii)          What will be there main ideology Capitalist socialist or mixed of today?
(ix)              What will be the modus oprendi for selection of candidates?
(x)                Will they able to follow the civil society and pressure group voice?
(xi)              What will be there strategy?
(xii)            Will they follow the strategy of revelation of new facts (LikeVadara case) or some other strategy will be followed after establishing themselves in middle class?
(xiii)          India is country of villages but the presence of IAC is almost negligible?
(xiv)          Will the able to convert the media attention and this public sentiment in vote bank?
(xv)            Around 50000( Fifty thousand ) Landless farmer is reaching tomorrow to delhi, will IAC take some stand on that?

The Answer is not simple
IAC has chosen the core issue that is “corruption” which has touch new infamous dimension in recent time.
But right now it’s sure that IAC is making life difficult for main stream political parties.
The way IAC is making headline its creating new hope of ray for whole middle class of India,


In my View right now  Arvind Kejriwal is the Biggest Strategist, Most daring and one man army with full of arrogance too, who worked in the system and know all the weakness and strength.( more than ten ministers are defending for the issue, one state govt is very much upset by his movement.Mind it, it is just started)

Apart from this he has shown his HARD CORE Negotiation skill during JAN LOKPAL and Anna Hazare fast. And Daunting sprit by separating from Anna movement and going for political party.

India is a operational and dynamic democracy we must hope for a vibrant and flourishing democracy in future too.
Jai Hind

Sunday, 30 September 2012

mental war is more important.

India thrash  Pakistan in Group A match very easily and continued the tradition. Its very good news but what is behind this victory? our batting bowling fielding or captaincy  none of these things are responsible only one thing which is core of our victory is our psychological edge especially against arch rival Pak and particularly in any type of world cup.

Friday, 13 April 2012

New generation and stress

Today stress is the part of life. we can not avoid it we have to manage it,but how ,,,,,,get close emotionally  and open to your spouse discuss everything and ensure mutual trust.If single develop a good close circle of friend 4-5 to whom u can share everything. It ll give u confidence to cope the situation. Mediate for 15 min everyday. And take a hobby like-  photography, editing of movie visiting near by historical or tourist place, playing badminton or anything under sun which u like in week at least give one hour to five hour in week and see the difference in life.

 Happy life is more important then wealthy life.... Devendra